Commit fae46e0d authored by Scott Wittenburg's avatar Scott Wittenburg
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chmod -R /mirror in the same layer where it is created

parent d24d83d5
......@@ -38,15 +38,13 @@ RUN apt-get update -y && \
apt-get autoremove --purge && \
apt-get clean
RUN mkdir -p /mirror/build_cache && \
aws s3 sync ${REMOTE_BUILDCACHE_URL} /mirror
COPY /public.key /mirror/public.key
COPY /packages.yaml /etc/spack/packages.yaml
COPY / /tutorial/.test/
### TODO: Find another way to set perms without increasing the image download size
RUN useradd -ms /bin/bash spack && \
mkdir -p /mirror/build_cache && \
aws s3 sync ${REMOTE_BUILDCACHE_URL} /mirror && \
chmod -R go+r /mirror && \
chmod -R go+r /etc/spack && \
chmod go+rx /tutorial/.test/
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