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WIP: Automate the building of the tutorial container

Scott Wittenburg requested to merge automate-workflow into master

Created by: scottwittenburg

Similar to how it was originally done here:

Still TODO:

  • Pick the right set of apt packages to install in the container
  • Come up with tagging scheme to be used in the item below
  • Set up the DockerHub auto-build (thinking to use tag source type with regex feature)
  • Document how DockerHub auto-build is set up
  • Decide on whether to keep the keyhelp directory with it's shell script for exporting a gpg key in various ways for use in the container as well as in the pipeline (if you name a key that has an associated passphrase, it won't work in the build jobs)
  • Once this PR is mostly ready, we can close it and open a new one on the same branch to trigger the pipeline to run again, pointing at the new mirror which will have just the pkgs we want in the final container.

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